Mex and the City and photographer Carlos Alvarez Montero present

Eva Posas, Rodrigo Tellez, Racial Profiling, Mex and the City
At Their Studio

We first met Eva Posas and Rodrigo Téllez online when they ran, an arts blog out of Mexico City from 2009-2011. We were enamored by their design savvy and art sensibility. It was an online masterpiece! But like many creatives, the blog turned out to be just one of many endeavors they set out to launch. Over subsequent years, they have also developed a video production house and a book publishing venture called Ediciones Hungria. Together they represent the insatiable talent coming out of Mexico, hungry to create and communicate with a greater global audience.  Their published works are emotive and witty and pretty!

Name:  Eva Posas / Rodrigo Téllez

Age: 28 / 29
Place of Birth Mexico City
Parents Place of Birth Mexico City, Oaxaca, Yucatán
Occupation/ Aspiration Eva is Head of Communications at Fundación Alumnos47, Rodrigo is doing studies in Finland.
Which projects are you working on now? And name something we should look out for in the next year.
R: I’m working on my master’s thesis and finishing a video for a Finnish punk record label. I want to do something that brings Finnish and Mexican culture closer, I’m constantly thinking about where cultures so far away like these meet. So be on the lookout for a couple of books with long words with many double consonants and umlauts.
E: I’m working on the year’s publication of Fundación Alumnos47, which is a non-profit related with contemporary art. I’m also preparing new projects with friends.

Describe a typical day:
R: A typical day includes checking my news feeds obsessively, drinking lots of coffee and spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of a computer screen. My future days will include taking lots of vitamin supplements and missing the sunlight.
E: Take the dog for a walk, get ready and ride my bicycle to work. Write lots of emails, have delicious food made at my work office; take a lot of coffee. Two days of the week I take part at some edition workshops and finally, walk Eno, the dog.

Which neighbourhood do you live in and why?
R: Right now I’m living in a neighborhood called Kallio, in Helsinki. It’s a working class neighbourhood adjacent to the city center.
E: Colonia Roma. It is a very central neighbourhood in Mexico City. Now it has gotten really crowded, however, I live on a street that doesn’t feel in the middle of “the scene” and still has this family-residential vibe.

How do you help make Mexico City a better place to live?
R: I hope what we do as Ediciones Hungría draws a smile to people’s faces. We certainly love to live in a place where products like ours exist.
E: Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this and, so far, I can only say that it will mean something to be coherent with your ideals and thoughts… act as conscious as you can.

Share the best piece of advice you have been given.
R: I love this advice from Kurt Vonnegut: "I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"

Where did you go to school? What did you study?
R: I studied film in Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión and I’m currently doing a Master of Arts in Finland, the program is called Creative Business Management.
E: I studied German language and literature at Philosophy and Letters Faculty at UNAM.

What was your first source of inspiration in your professional career?
R:  I am fascinated with Werner Herzog’s films. His filmography is not only an array of extraordinary characters and art but also a remarkable example of what doing something with passion really is.
E: I met a German lecturer who had had such an amazing life: When he was young, he packed few things and started to walk the world. He worked in whatever he could in Africa, Asia… After all the adventures, he realized what he wanted to study, got back to Germany and started a career. He used to be a guide for Mexican students, his main teaching was that a career was not just about studying, but life itself.
List a meaningful object or talisman you carry with you? If you don’t have one what would it be?

R: I carry a small piece of concrete from a project I never got to finish. It is a reminder of a weird time in my life. A conveniently sized piece of failure.

What is your drink of choice?
R: Rum (Matusalem Clásico) and Coke
E: Coffee.

Name your favorite blog.
E: don’t laugh at me but I do love lifehacker!
Name a Mexican you admire.
R: Miguel Covarrubias
E: Inechi from
What would you like to see in Mexico City?
E: Less fear. In Mexico City we are not actually living all that famous narco violence which does happen outside the main cities. However, I do think we live with fear and, at certain point, some rage. So, I really would like to see us happier, free from all that negative emotion.

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